I discovered NaPoWriMo a few days after an ex broke up with me. Before my story, I’d like to tell you what NaPoWriMo is.

NaPoWriMo is short for National Poetry Writing Month which is celebrated every April. The goal of the month is to publish a poem for every single day of the April calendar. They can be unrelated to each other and appear in the same way as Daily Prompts do.

Back to my story, It was colourful. It was a textbook case of “finding someone else in a clandestine manner” and I needed to let go the only thing I know how – write. I remember a college friend of mine telling me to “write until the guts are on the floor” so that was what Napowrimo turned out for me. A process of hatred and eventually recuperating from the wounds. I started a bit late (10th of April) but I managed to catch up and finish until the end (with some hiatus along the way). In the end, not only did I finish my first NaPoWriMo but it helped me recover from the fall I had.

Here’s a page by page index of my NaPoWriMo entries.

10. Orientalism|10th of April
11. Death of the Carnival Boy|11th of April
12. Soup Sunsets|12th of April
13. Reminder Syndrome|13th of April
14. To The Drunken Moon|14th of April
15. Wardrobe Change|15th of April
16. Opening the Curtains at 5 AM|16th of April
17. Redefine the Hand|17th of April
18. Cancerian|18th of April

20. 1. Mother|20th of April
21. The White Room|21st of April
22. Around|22nd of April

24. On Why Is It Not Next Week|24th of April
25. Command|25th of April

28. Lady Luck|28th of April
29. Tiffany Twisted|29th of April
30. Your Mall, and Mine.|30th of April



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