This Portrait was born in the 1950s but he lives in the body of a 1993 guy. This Portrait believes that the greatest movie in the world is Sabrina because Humphrey Bogart knows how to use French to convey his jealousy over Audrey Hepburn’s love towards William Holden.

This portrait lives to see the day that he could go on top of the Eiffel Tower with his fiancee just because he want to shout, to go to Tolochenaz because he want to see Audrey (it’s never too late) and to study at the Moscow State University.

On a weekday, he wakes up dragging himself out of the bed like all the days in Manila when his Grandfather has to pull his blanket away from him to remind him to wake up and get dressed up for school. This Portrait cried on the night he went to the airport because he saw her Grandmother crying as well. After nineteen years, This Portrait is now hung in the middle of a desert oasis that is very accurate like the fact that there is only twelve inches on a  ruler and there is nothing he can do about it. He tries to live every single day working a day job while trying to look for the antiquities of Manila that he used to take pictures of. They are not present in the desert. Everything is uniform, everything resists chaos. This desert resists him.

The only solace This Portrait ever finds is in front of a book or Breakfast at Tiffany’s. He think he’s living in a house and not a home but he’s got it all worked out now.

This Portrait likes to talk about his life. Putting it to paper, letting it be seen by the world hoping that somewhere in this planet, someone felt what he felt. This Portrait loves to remember.


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