Flight (Or the Longing Thereof)

Let me play your song
once again.
It has been a tiring night.
yet you are still here.
Still –
that is the word
for how much
airports and planes mean to us.
it is the paper where our story will be written.
where we finally cross paths.
as wings land on the runways of your body.
or will it be a splashdown on the oceans in your strands?

Let me sing to you once again
for this night has missed you for so long.
It has been awake
yearning for your touch.
wanting your soul.
to gaze inside your eyes and see not the iris
but the cities recorded in them.

Where is the wondercruiser that will take me to you?
Where our wandering selves find permanence –
Find home.
Find you.

6th of the 10th. 2014. 4:56PM (DXB)
I miss you so much.
In Transit.


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