Olivia and George – A Time Travel Sequence


We are time travellers, you and I.
I believe a lot in having someone, that one person.
That you.

I just didn’t thought that believing
really turned things to reality.


In another past, your eyes are Tesla’s pearl earrings.
It still is now,
sitting in front of a computer, looking through you
to brush through your hair like it was the Seine.
Tell me a story again,
the one about India
about stealing clothes from local stores,
about the cosplayer and the student.
and I will tell you the story behind a convention ticket.

Olivia and George:

I have loved you
with a knowing
that we may have been
in another time.
I have loved you
dimension after dimension
one timeframe after another,
as the seat of memory takes us back.
to those chance beginnings –

I have loved you
for the chances that we almost met, but never did
The Moon didn’t allow it.
But I asked of her again,
under the park, with a reverie of hope
laid down into papers
that you exist somewhere.

And you did.

It was your birthday and I was writing you down
in an unconscious.

I have loved you.

-for Rose

23rd of the 7th, 2014. 8:55AM (DXB)
Middle Seat


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