Ferrer and Wolders

She stayed with him the longest.
But he wasn’t the one to whom she said
“It was worth the wait”

Funny, how meaning only came to her
after being through the streets of Paris,
the stairs of Rome, and the aisles of Tiffany’s.
and I think to myself –
I’d rather be Wolders than Ferrer,
If you were Audrey, yes. Be Audrey.
and I’ll be Wolders.

Let’s sleep under the Tolochenaz sun,
away from the chansons about roses,
from the English castles.
A place under the trees,
under the ground,
where you and I
could both say:

“It was indeed worth the wait.”

For Groundhog Week, I’d like to go back to a prompt last week. I didn’t have the time to create my response that time. So here is what might have been.
25th of June, 2014. 2:02PM (DXB)


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