A Dada Poem

Hi everyone! Because it’s the last day of work today (Yeah, here in Dubai Thursday is the last workday). I feel very much in the mood, and by that I want YOU to help me out to write a poem.

No! Don’t go out thinking “Oh jeez he lost the will to write or something” it’s not like that! See, there’s this thing called a Dada Poem . Some call it “chance poetry” anyways, here’s the thing, I’m at work right now and I’d like to ask one small favor from everyone.

Please give me A WORD, a word or two, that you happen to chance upon or a word that means a lot to you. Any word at all!

And then hopefully, If we pull this off we’ll create a Dada Poem! People who gave me a word throughout the poem will be pingbacked once the poem is published.

Hope you can help me out!

This Portrait

Image: A Dada Poem by Tristan Tzara, Google Images


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