To The Drunken Moon

You are drunken tonight Moon.
My listener,
my friend.
Can you count
the number of songs that I have raised?
The fingers I’ve held up
In celebration of her passing.

How long has it been my drunken moon?
Your blur has not been around for some time.
Or was it because of the donuts
under flourescent lights or
the concrete under our shoes
that has kept me away from you.

I missed you my Moon
my lunar fiancee
the mademoiselle with her gown of night.
If only I could take your picture;
but you have never been the photogenic type:
always blushing everytime the lens pointed to you.
But I love you my moon.
You have heard me sing
You have heard me cry
better than anyone else.

14th April, 2014. 10:30PM (DXB)
NaPoWriMo – 14th April
*another slam.


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