Orientalism (NaPoWriMo – 10th April)

West cannot be without East.
You are exotic Roxanne.
That is how they see you – island souvenir
You are his East
his Orient,
his Other.
You are the affirmation of his white skin.
Like his fathers –
Conquistadors, explorers and colonizers
they come to subjugate you
under their charm, their English, their sun-stricken hair
You saw him, his body natural to chlorine:
Artificial, chemical
Has poisoned your Eastern tastes
as he shone in like the true color of the sun. A White.
The West likes the East because of mystery.
Has he unraveled it underneath the bedsheets?
For it is all he needs. To uncover one mystery after another.
Trophies from a distant country.
We were both Easts. You and I
But you have always been a mover
going to the West
as he was discovering the mystery of your Orient.
You have been demystified.

*1st Draft
**Quickly wrote this one just now in the office. Can’t help it. I had to let it go.


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