Some piece of mind.

See, This Portrait is already in his 20s. I work at a shitty which, if some of you may look at it is not that shitty – executive position, fancy business card, good pay. But it’s not that. This Portrait wants something else. He wants to wake up every morning feeling like he’s flying to work and not dragging himself to it.

Last week this happened. His dream chased him down and up to now it still is. But what could he do? His parents always want to butt in with his decisions and say that “that you don’t have any experience” which basically means “stay at your shitty job”

You know, I’m beginning to wonder why my parents don’t support my passions. I graduated a Literature student with them saying I won’t earn a penny from what I study, now I’m presented with a job I want they’re bogging me down. And you know? Fuck it.

This Portrait will do what he wants.

Fuck the rest.


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