Daily Prompt: Me (Blogger of Repute)

For today’s Daily Prompt. This Portrait introduces himself to everyone.

This Portrait remembers watching Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris’ “Little Miss Sunshine” some time last year. At first he wasn’t wholly impressed by it. Although not to the point that he’ll close his media player and play another film, and thank any random divine being that didn’t happen. It was only getting to the good part.

For those who have already seen it, It’s wonderful isn’t it? How different personalities blend in and try to make the best out of themselves? This Portrait found himself attached with one character – Dwayne.

Dwayne is kind of like what This Portrait is. He knows what he wants and HE WANTS IT. This Portrait feels like that every single day he has to go wake up and get dressed to go a stupid job where he is writing about the most mundane of things – corporate gift items. To be honest with everyone of you, It is hell on earth to write about them, This Portrait can’t put metaphors to it because “clients” don’t comprehend that. It’s hard to write straight if you know how to write in chaos. Fellow writers, agreed?

That’s why, as soon as possible This Portrait wants a better job, not because the pay is not enough. No, no; money is never a topic with This Portrait. He doesn’t care how much he earns as long as he can write the way he wants to write: creatively. And that’s what Dwayne says to him. fuck the rest.


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