Today is a Good Day

This Portrait is in a dreamy state right now. Maybe it’s the neon lights of the Dubai skyline that’s making him so or he’s stressed out of work? No. This Portrait is in that state right now because of what he saw today at a bookstore. A certain magazine that he’s been waiting for.


This Portrait knows, what is he doing with some sort of lifestyle magazine? See This Portrait has been waiting for this one to come out. Not because he likes fashion (OH NO. This Portrait will wear whatever he wants). But because today he becomes known to the world for the very first time.


It’s This Portrait’s first time to review a Bollywood movie. An opening experience for him since he’s always watching Audrey. They’re very nice films don’t you think? They carry a lot of weight and while not necessarily being moralistic. Everyone can leave the theater having a higher sense of understanding.


This one you might remember as my post from today’s Daily Prompt. In this magazine is sort of an “edited” version of the piece since the publishers didn’t want anything too romantic. So This Portrait changed a few lines and believe him; the piece did lose some power when the lines were changed.


But regardless of that, This Portrait still feels happy. Because he remembers crying inside the metro on the way home from university because he didn’t win in the annual literary awards for four consecutive years. This Portrait thought he wasn’t a writer (up to now he still believes that). The difference now is that This Portrait is now a dreamer.



2 thoughts on “Today is a Good Day

  1. Congratulations on getting your poem published! It’s a wonderful poem, too, which is one reason it caught my eye (not just for the title btw). And I love the layout of the page as well! Great job!

    • Thanks Morrighan! Its just sad that they made me edit it. I felt that it lost what I wanted it to say. Believe it or not searching for the perfect layout took almost hours and hours of searching Google for free WordPress themes(lol). Though I know there are other good paid themes out there, This one fits my persona well.

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